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Signed All That I Need CD



“All That I Need” is Grace’s release from 2022. This album is a celebration, and a call to action from Grace Kelly. For her fifteenth album, the singer-saxophonist-songwriter has created a set of recordings that speak to the female figures in her life, the ongoing fight for women’s rights around the world, and her joyful return to making music for others.“I wanted to write an album fueled by the feeling of courage,” Kelly shares. “Courage through perseverance, courage through vulnerability. As an artist coming out of the pandemic, I found myself battling the thought of: will I ever be able to do this thing that I love again for people? All That I Need is my way of answering, hell yes.”

  1. All That I Need
  2. Good To See You Again
  3. Spoon
  4. Night In Tunisia
  5. We Will Rise
  6. The Night Time
  7. Queens
  8. Shut Up And Dance
  9. And So It Goes