Grace By Holiday Decorations

Music I’m Listening To – December 2018 (Holiday Tunes)

I’m currently in the holiday spirit and celebrating all month long! Here’s what on rotation in my apartment.

Blue Christmas by the Ladybugs 
My wildly talented friend Martina Dasilva has the voice of an angel and her band, The Ladybugs bring me to a jazzy 1930’s Christmas dream state.

A Bossa Nova Christmas by Nova
I grew up listening to lots of Bossa Nova and this band Nova knows how to do it right. This album hits my ears like butter melting on a freshly baked croissant.

A Very Too Many Zooz Xmas, Vol 1. By Too Many Zooz
Leo P and his band Too Many Zooz have such a groovy sound and I’m dancing along in my Christmas socks! 

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