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RAMENSTEIN Signed Poster


In celebration of our first single and music video we have printed 100 limited edition signed posters! Get yours now!

In the heart of Little Tokyo, four powerhouse musical artists converged in a twist of fate at a humble ramen shop. Bonding over steaming bowls of spicy ramen and shared stories of musical triumphs and trials, they struck upon a groundbreaking idea: a "K-Pop goes Metal" cover, blending the infectious melodies of K-pop with the raw energy of metal. 🤘🍜🎶

This unexpected fusion created a sound so electrifying it resonated across the internet, shattering genre boundaries. To commemorate this revolutionary collaboration, they released a signed, limited edition print, capturing the essence of their union. This exclusive merchandise piece transcends being just a poster; it's a celebration of artistic innovation and cross-cultural unity bringing the power of ramen and the sounds of metal to enthusiasts around the globe.

Poster is 13x19in.